Morris Dovey’s SuperZero

I developed the SuperZero because I needed to machine top and bottom of workpieces with perfect registration, and without spending more than an absolute minimum of time to get that job done safely.

I'm not big on use of hyperbole or superlatives. I'm a geek who does precision prototyping in wood, plastic, and aluminum – and geeks are notoriously poor salesmen. The SuperZero is not "elegant", "gorgeous", or "fantastic" and it has no magical properties. It's not even particularly beautiful – but it does the job it's designed to do reliably, accurately, repeatably, and about as rapidly as possible. If you have doubts or need to be sold on the benefits, ask some of the people who already have and use a SuperZero.

The SuperZero, together with its associated ShopBot software, does three jobs – all to within one step in less than 60 seconds in either inch or metric mode:

  • Zero all three (x, y, and z) axes to either an inside or outside corner of a workpiece
  • Precisely locate an inside or outside corner of a workpiece in x, y, and z (without zeroing any axis)
  • With a reticule, locate any point on a flat surface in x, y, and z

Click on "Details" (below) for more information.

Super-Zero abutted to workpiece

Super-Zero used in corner mode

For anyone who might be interested, the fixture used at the drill press to drill the edge holes (for fence screws and banana jack) is CNC-milled from a single block of aluminum, with hardened steel drill bushing inserts:

And here's the fixture with a pair of CNC-milled SuperZero blanks in position for drilling:

Copyright © 2007 Morris R Dovey

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