Some years ago, a writer friend happened to be walking and talking with a Zuni elder in New Mexico. Somehow I became a subject of their conversation, and the elder labeled me a “bear” person. At one point during their walk, he picked up a stone and handed it to my friend with an invitation to give it to me. I still have that gift - and although it's pretty rough, within it I can see the shape above quite clearly. I find it pleasing – and it makes a good avatar.

General Collection

The Declaration of Independence of the United States of America

The Constitution of the United States of America

Thomas Jefferson’s statement on an armed citizenry

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

The Magna Carta

The Cyrus Cylinder

The Tea Party in the 112th Congress

The Tea Party in the 113th Congress

The Bankers' Manifesto of 1892

Tally of Senate and House Votes for 2008 Banking ‘Rescue’

August 2011 Votes for Default on US Obligations

May 2013 Vote to prevent GMO labeling

Law: Foreign Contributions to US Election Campaigns

Economic Analysis of Top Tax Rates Since 1945 (PDF)

TransCanada Corp, Directors and Executives (Keystone XL Pipeline)

Monsanto: Company, Directors, and Executives

Monsanto’s Influence in Government Policy

Congressional Intelligence Oversight Committees

Surveillance: Stalking Ordinary American Citizens

Surveillance: Blocking Congressional Oversight

Surveillance: Recent History from Newspapers (Article Links)

Bitcoin Target Value

47 US Senators’ Letter to Iran’s Leaders

TPP Intellectual Property Chapter (WikiLeaks)

TPP Intellectual Property Chapter (PDF)

TPP Investment Chapter (WikiLeaks)

TPP Investment Chapter (PDF)

TPP Investment Chapter Analysis (PDF)

TPP Corporate Insider List

Personal Collection

Exploring Journalism: The Irregular Journal

Vision: Better Living from Plastic Waste

Building Blocks for Data Privacy (C Programming)

Data Compression and Scrambling (C Programming)

Senior Discounts (US only)

Profits, wages, and corporate software (Facebook dialog)

Occupy Politics!  Designing a Political Party for the 98%

A Modest Tax Proposal

Romney/Bain, Job Creation in Iowa

Differences between US Political Parties

Wealth Formulas

Lessons from Current Events

Favorite Verse

Bachelor Cooking


Pegged My BS Meter

How to Ask Smart Questions