Solar Concentrators


These concentrators focus the sun's rays on an absorber to produce the high temperatures needed to drive pump, generator, and refrigeration subsystems.

Parabolic Trough Geometry

Parabola Geometry  Parabolas reflect incoming parallel rays to a single focal point. This page shows the geometry and math needed to calculate a parabolic curve to suit your particular design requirements.

Status: Page will be updated as readers request additional information.

Building a Wooden Prototype

Wooden prototype Wood troughs are relatively inexpensive but don't hold up well if left outdoors. This trough is kept indoors and only taken outside when needed to conduct an engine test. This page illustrates wooden trough construction.

Status: Prototype completed, more will be built as needs dictate.

Designing a Metal Concentrator

Metal Trough Metal troughs are more expensive, but are the best choice for permanent outdoor installations. This aluminum and stainless steel trough design was begun for a petrochemical industry client who was unable to arrive at a final specification.

Status: Design effort on hold due to lack of client final specifications.

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