Solar Trackers


These automatic tracking mechanisms rotate the concentrator so that its focus remains on the absorber from sunrise to sunset.

Mechanical Trackers

Mechanical Trackers Mechanical Trackers use solar energy directly to adjust the position of the solar concentrator. The mechanism shown combines a bicycle sprocket and a spring as a worm gear and is driven by solar heat.

Status: Design completed. How-to videos are now online at


Electric Trackers

Electric Trackers  Electric trackers use electronic sensors and circuits to control electric motors to adjust the position of the concentrator. This tracker circuit is from

Status: Vendor controller, additional development planned.


Block diagram of a possible electric tracking system with sensors integrated into the controller card. The DC motor is used to provide single-axis collector positioning.

This is the electronic control circuit from Red Rock. The two LEDs at the right are used to sense the position of the sun.

Above is a tiny 1.8 Watt gearmotor that can be used to position a concentrator trough.

And here is a small 12V, 1.5 Watt PV panel that can be used to charge the battery which provides power for the controller and the motor.

Finally, here is the little 12V 5AH gel cell battery that stores power for the motor and controller.

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