Morris Dovey’s Woodworking Projects

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I hope to make the project pages below available again, but don't have much inclination to work on the needed image server while my content is still being made available on other web sites by pirates.

SawSquare - The first woodworking tool I ever designed and produced.
A strong, stable three-legged sawhorse that doubles as a mini-workbench.
A tilting shop cart that can be used as an open-top sanding/assembly bench and infeed/outfeed table.
Designing and building a panel saw for cutting sheet goods.
Drawer/Box Clamp
A clamp for assembly of drawers and boxes.
Radial arm saw table replacement and a number of enhancements.
A quick and easy table saw outfeed table.
Table saw crosscut sled.
Table saw sled for ripping the first true edge on a rough-sawn board.
Lap Joint Jig

Making a simple table saw jig for making accurate lap joints quickly.

Making a simple table saw jig for making box joints.
Drill press table enhancements.
A fast, easy way to do precision setups on the router table.
Building an inexpensive small cyclone dust collector for use with a ShopVac.
ShopBot Dust Collection
How I collect the dust from my CNC router.
Designing and building a precision (0.00023 inch step size) 3½-Axis CNC router for joinery operations (JBot).
Two pallet-type work-holders for CNC routing.
Some of the T-track workholders I've designed and made in/for my workshop.
Simple vacuum clamps that I made to use with a recycled refrigerator compressor (as a vacuum pump) to hold flat workpieces for CNC routing. The web page is a five-step how-to DIY.
Bevel fixture for angled CNC edge routing. I built this to cut angled tenons on the ends of boards.
Locking Lap Joint
A CNC-only rack-proof lap joint/splice. Interesting to me because it tightens with either increase or decrease in moisture content of the wood.
A simple CNC router 3-foot x 12-foot sign-making project from start through installation. Shows an interesting 4½-foot wide clamp I built for splicing sheet goods.
Various CNC and data reference pages.
Geometry, trigonometry, drill/tap size table, drill size table, etc.
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